Local area around Ashbrook Court Care Home

There are many reasons why you may consider making Ashbrook Court your chosen care home, and the surrounding local area is sure to play a key part in this important decision. Here we have included helpful information about Sewardstone, the wider local area, and the towns and villages that surround the London and Essex border to showcase the wealth of local attractions and things to do in this area.

Ashbrook Court Care Home is located in Sewardstone, London, but we welcome residents to Ashbrook Court from many other surrounding areas, including:


Cheshunt is in Hertfordshire and is part of the London commuter belt. Just 4.5 miles from Ashbrook Court, the journey should take around 15 minutes, making our care home ideally placed for those looking for day care nearby.

Cheshunt is a perfect place for a day out if you are visiting a loved one residing at Ashbrook Court, and a day out in Cheshunt wouldn’t be complete without a spot of shopping. The town is home to the largest Marks & Spencer in Hertfordshire, and the popular Pavilions Shopping Centre. For a day out enjoying the great outdoors, there are plenty of nice walks to take around the River Lee and Lee Valley in the country park.

To get to Sewardstone from Cheshunt, take Downfield Rd and Russell’s Ride to Crossbrook St/B176. Then take the A121 and Sewardstone Road (A112) to Sewardstone Close where you will find Ashbrook Court Care Home.


Chingford is in East London and lies on the border between London and Essex. Ashbrook Court is just 2.8 miles from Chingford, so it’s really easy to visit our care home if you have a loved one needing specialist dementia care.

Sewardstone and nearby Chingford are close to the beautiful Epping Forest, a lovely place for a day out if you are visiting a loved one in Ashbrook Court Care Home. Take a walk through the pretty woods and around Connaught Water. For a break, stop at Butler’s Retreat for a tasty lunch.

The drive from Chingford to Ashbrook Court takes around 7 minutes. Leave Chingford on King’s Head Hill and turn right onto the A112, turning left onto Sewardstone Close. The 379 bus will take you from Station Road the Green (stop J) and goes as far as the Yardley Lane estate, but you will have to walk along Sewardstone Road for about a mile.


Enfield is a London borough straddling North and East London. Enfield is a largely residential area and there are lots of local activities including a cinema and a handful of shopping centres. Forty Hall and Estate is also a popular visitor attraction.

To drive to Ashbrook Court from Enfield: head south on Silver Street and turn left at the 1st cross street onto Southbury, following the A110. Follow the A110 until you can turn left onto the A112 Sewardstone Road, from here, turn left onto Sewardstone Close.

The 121 bus is every 10 minutes and will take you from Enfield Chase (Stop CC) all the way to Canal Side Walk, and from there you will have under a mile’s walk to Ashbrook Court. Enfield is around 5 miles from Ashbrook Court Care Home.


Epping is a pretty market town just over the London border in Essex. Epping Forest is of course very close by and a lovely place for a day out if you are visiting Ashbrook Court for the day. Epping is also the start of the ‘Essex Way’, so why not walk a small portion of this trail during your day trip to Epping?

Epping is just over 6 miles from Ashbrook Court Care Home and the drive takes around 14 minutes. For full directions, follow the steps provided in Google Maps.


The London Borough of Hackney is around 10 miles from Ashbrook Court Care Home and the drive should take under half an hour if the traffic is good. Hackney is served by the Overground and either the 379 or 491 buses will take you to Canal Side Walk, which is within easy walking distance of the care home.

Hackney has plenty to offer for those wanting to visit Inner London for the day. There are lots of markets and thriving local high streets to browse, or if you would prefer, there is a choice of museums to visit. Clissold Park is Hackney’s popular green space and has two lakes, an aviary, and a butterfly dome. It’s a lovely place to spend a sunny day with a loved one if you are visiting for the day.

To get to Ashbrook Court Care Home from Hackney, take the M11 and continue onto the M25 (London Orbital Motorway) to the A121 in Waltham Abbey, taking exit 26. Follow the A121 onto Sewardstone Road, then onto Sewardstone Close.


Harlow lies on the Essex and Hertfordshire border and is around 10 miles from our care home.

There are plenty of nice activities to try if you are taking a loved one out for a day trip from Ashbrook Court. Harlow has a town park, a handful of different theatres and art galleries, and a collection of places of historic interest. A nice day out in Harlow is to follow the Harlow Sculpture Trail; a collection of nationally significant sculptures are placed around the town, in the squares, public buildings and precincts.

It should take around 20 minutes to get to Ashbrook Court from Harlow. Full directions should be followed from Google Maps.


Haringey in North London is just under 8 miles from Ashbrook Court and is a really interesting place to visit for the day. Haringey is home to Alexandra Palace, which, surrounded by lovely unspoilt parkland, is perfect for long walks. There are also a selection of galleries, cinemas and theatres to enjoy the area’s cultural side.

The drive from Haringey to Ashbrook Court should take around 17 minutes if the traffic is fair. To get to our care home: leave Haringey via Pasteur Gardens onto Great Cambridge Road (the A10). From here take the North Circular Road, the A1037 and the A112 to Sewardstone Close, where you will find Ashbrook Court.


Loughton is just over 5 miles from Sewardstone, a very easy distance from Ashbrook Court Care Home for either day care or nursing care.

Loughton has a very strong affiliation with the arts and many amateur drama performances are held at nearby Lopping Hall. Many classical music performances are held in Loughton and make a wonderful way to treat a loved one residing at Ashbrook to a day out from the home.

Getting to Ashbrook Court Care Home from Loughton by car should only take around 10 minutes. Follow these directions from Google Maps.

Potters Bar

Potters Bar is in Hertfordshire around 13 miles from Ashbrook Court. Thanks to the M25, the journey by car only takes around 20 minutes. Potters Bar is an active commuter town and has plenty of good restaurants and pubs, as well as a popular theatre providing entertainment all year round.

To get to Ashbrook Court Care Home from Potters Bar: get on the M25 and follow until exit 26. From here take the A112 onto Sewardstone Close where you will find our care home.


The London Borough of Redbridge is around 9 miles from Ashbrook Court Care Home, the drive should take just over 20 minutes if traffic is fair.

Redbridge is full of many pretty green spaces. A favourite with locals and those visiting for the day is Hainault Forest Country Park, which consists of 300 acres of countryside as well as a café and a petting zoo.

To drive to Ashbrook Court from Redbridge: leave Redbridge via the A123 and take the B170 onto Sewardstone Close where you will find our care home.

Waltham Abbey

Ashbrook Court Care Home is a very short distance from Waltham Abbey and is in easy walking distance or driving distance. Our care home is an ideal choice if you are looking for a care home in Waltham Abbey.

The Waltham Abbey Gardens is a must-visit attraction if you are going out for the day and don’t want to stray too far from Ashbrook Court. Take a gentle stroll around the grounds and admire the beautiful Augustinian abbey.

To drive to Ashbrook Court: turn right onto Denny Avenue, then left onto Sewardstone Avenue, taking the 2nd exit at the roundabout onto Sewardstone Close.

Waltham Cross

Waltham Cross is just 3.7 miles from Sewardstone, a very easy distance for those looking for a care home in the local area.

The drive should take around 13 minutes from Waltham Cross to Ashbrook Court Care Home. Follow these instructions in Google Maps for full details.

Waltham Forest

The London Borough of Waltham Forest is a very short distance away from Ashbrook Court Care Home and an ideal choice if you are looking for high quality residential care in the area. If you are visiting the area for the day, there are some interesting attractions to see, including the William Morris Gallery. The gallery has free entry and is open Wednesday to Sunday.

The drive from Waltham Forest to Ashbrook Court should take around 10 minutes as the distance is just 6.7 miles. Take Howard Road to Forest Road (A503) and then take the A112 onto Sewardstone Close, turning left here you’ll find our care home.

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