Letters Of Thanks

Ruth Clark, May 18, 2019

Malcolm Ives’ Family, April 11, 2019

Dear Staff at Ashbrook Court

You made the last months of our Dads life comfortable, safe and meaningful considering how much valuable independence his illness and stroke ripped away from him.  We as human beings deserve to have our basic needs preserved such as food, warmth, cleanliness and comfort.  As nurses it is our role to ensure these are met for the sake of dignity and identity.

Being elderly sometimes attaches a label that ignores who we have been and what we have contributed as a younger person.

During my Dads time with you I, as a nurse, instinctively listened and observed the kindest and thoughtful way you communicated and interacted with dad and others who find themselves at Ashbrook Court.  Your jobs are not the easiest but you managed to always give a smile, hold his hand and make him smile.

The Ives children, their children and their children thank the Ashbrook Care Home Staff for looking after a very special person – Malcolm Ives, our Dad, Our Grandad and Our Great Grandad.

Thank you

Paul, Christine and Barbara Haywood and Family, March 19, 2019

Dear Everyone at Ashbrook Court Care Home

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone at Ashbrook who was involved with caring for Alfred.  

Some of you we knew really well but I am sure there are many more that we didn’t meet regularly, so we are sending our heartfelt thanks for all you did for our much loved Husband and Dad.

Love and best wishes to you all from Paul, Christine and Barbara Hayward and Family