Making Christmas Wishes Come True

We couldn't resist granting a special Christmas wish for our oldest resident, Lilly, aged 101.

We always like to go the extra mile at Ashbrook Court, so we jumped at the chance to give resident Lily her dream of a white Christmas.  The first in the south of England for more than 60 years!

So, with help from residents Bob (86) and Joe (86), we turned our garden into a Winter Wonderland complete with snow machine and beautifully decorated fir trees.

Lilly said: “I can’t remember the last white Christmas, so it was so lovely to see the snow and so kind of everyone to have worked so hard to make it possible for me.”

Home manager, Jonathane said: “We regularly speak to our residents about how we can make their dreams come true and have a wishing tree in our home. It was lovely for us to have been able to grant Lilly’s wish – her face was a picture when she saw it and all of our other residents have really enjoyed our wintery scene too.”

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