Ashbrook Court Orchestra unveiled

Music is the soul of our home. In fact, singing got us all through lockdown!

Singing has always been an integral part of our home and when our external music therapist wasn’t able to visit during the pandemic we began our own sing-a-long sessions. They’ve proved so popular, that in addition to the drums, xylophones, guitars, maracas, tambourines and even a small piano accordion we regularly use, we purchased a karaoke machine and have now officially formed our very own ‘Ashbrook Court Orchestra’!

Activities Coordinator, Sally says, “The karaoke machine has been brilliant and it means our neighbours can hear our angelic voices. They love it! Our singing changes the mood of everyone, it’s amazing and so much fun!”

Two of our residents, firm friends, Ruth (91) and Michael (78) love to duet together and they have always had a passion for singing and music. For many of our residents, our orchestra sessions bring back memories of their younger days, such as singing in choirs or singing karaoke in the pub.

Home Manager, Jonathane adds, “It’s amazing to see the difference music can make. As a team, we are committed to ensuring our residents have positive, meaningful experiences. It’s important to us that we treat all our residents as individuals and we encourage them to continue enjoying their passions as well as finding new ones, whether that’s golf, DIY, gardening or singing. We sometimes find that even if a resident has limited movement when they connect with music, they get up and start dancing.”

According to the Alzheimer’s Society, evidence suggests music can improve the mood, behaviour and wellbeing of those living with dementia.

The Ashbrook Court Orchestra’s most popular songs to sing include ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ by Vera Lynn, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by Judy Garland and fun classics like ‘Knees Up Mother Brown’ and ‘One Man Went to Mow a Meadow’.

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